Isthmos - Canal

Isthmos - Canal

The Isthmus of Corinth has been a construction dream – a challenge that lasted 2,300 years. Du More info
Isthmus - Aegina - Agistri

Isthmus - Aegina - Agistri

ANNA 2 is a beautiful and rugged cruiser, 31 meters long, built in 1991. It develops speeds of up to More info
Athens One Day Cruise - Aegina - Hydra - Poros


Departure at 8:00

Our vessel remains in port for about 1 hour 55 minutes with time to leisurely explore the island. You can enjoy our Walking Tour of the island to discover its castles and forts, historic landmarks, quaint narrow streets and artistic shops.

The stay on Poros is 50 minutes with enough time to discover the island’s beautiful sandy beaches and the town highlighted by the architecture of the city hall, Municipal Library, museum, cultural center and characteristic small, white-washed houses of the island. The highlight is the Clock Tower built on the island’s highest point.

The stay on Aegina is 2 hours so you explore its rich history, archaeological and architectural landmarks – and allow plenty of time to enjoy the island’s famous pistachio sweets in a cafe along the beautiful port.

What is included

Outdoor viewing decks
Lounges of high aesthetics
Multilingual tour guides
Lunch buffet with Mediterranean cuisine creations
Live music in board
Dance floor
Fixed departure and arrival time everyday
Real Greek Hospitality

Athens One Day Cruise - Aegina - Hydra - Poros

Athens One Day Cruise offers you the beauty of a Greek island hopping cruise to three magnificent is More info