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Kalanisa – Alkyonides Islands

These are four beautiful islands located off the coast of Strava.

The islands are (Zoodochos) Pigi, Daskaleio, Glaronisi and Prassonisi.

According to mythology, the halcyon were the seven daughters of the Giant Alcyoneus. When Hercules killed their father, they threw themselves into the sea and transformed into birds(the kingfishers) from Amphitrite(sea goddess, wife of Poseidon).

The monasteryon the islands is Mary the Life-Giving Spring and at the celebration of Our Lady there is great liturgy and bread divition.

The remains of ancient permanent or semi-permanent settlements have come to light on the islands:

Daskalio has yielded shards of Corinthian pottery and traces of a polygonal wall, with pre­Christian shards and more traces of buildings have been discovered on Zoodochos Pigi.

Unfortunately no locations were found.

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