Ovrios Island

Ovrios Island

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Ovrios is a rather unknown uninhabited island in the Saronic Gulf, near the Isthmus of Corinth.

The isle has traces of habitation since prehistoric times. Various points of the island were used during the Mycenaean era, the early Byzantine period, as well as during the Venetian period and the Ottoman domination.

The fortification, which is distinct from a distance, for the most part is a construction of the 17th-18th century and probably Venetian, a remnant of the 2nd Venetian domination. There are also parts of the fortification that belong to the Early Byzantine period.

Country Greece
Languages spokenGreek
Currency usedEuro

Culture and history info

The fortification is located at the highest point of the island. It protected the northern, eastern and western sides of the fortified space, while the south due to its steep terrain had not shrunk.

The enclosure has a plan view of a rectangular rectangle. Today the northern part of the enclosure is preserved in a very good condition. The ramparts, the perimeter and part of the gate are kept. The construction of this section of the fortification can be placed in the 17th-18th century. On the contrary, the eastern and western walls that survive in a poor state can be placed in the early Byzantine period. It should also be noted that there are wall sections belonging to the Mycenaean era.

The fortification enclosed a slope from the south to the north. In the interior of the fort three sheltering walls created plateaus that allowed the cultivation of the soil. Several cisterns have been identified within the shed.

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